Free Beginner's Tai Chi Class

New to Tai Chi?  We welcome you to join in for an introduction to Tai Chi class! 
Call or email at least 2 days in advance to schedule an appointment.
Please be sure to note if you are bringing a guest.
There is no cost to attend. Limit one free class per person.


*All classes are 1 hour

Current Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:30 AM 10:00 am      
  3:30 pm   3:30 PM  
11:45 AM 4:45 pm   4:45 PM  
  6:00 pm      
  7:30 pm

Don't see a class that works with your schedule? Contact us, because we're adding classes all the time!

Golfers' Tai Chi

Tai Chi can take strokes off your golf score while improving your quality of life.  Practicing Tai Chi controlled stretching exercises calms the mind and renews the spirit. Added focus and flexibility will improve both your mind and your golf game.

Benefits of Tai Chi are stretching and toning muscles, improved balance and, increased focus and concentration. Regular Tai Chi practice increases the benefits many times over both on and off the course.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung have a long history of providing health and relaxation benefits to those who practice the techniques.

Contact us today if you are interested in Golfer's Tai Chi Class!